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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Explore Heritage Places of India

As of now there are 32 world heritage sites in India which got their recognition by UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization). By the way UNESCO was established in the year 1972.UNESCO mainly recognizes cultural or nature sites where ever in the world. So India had only two heritage sites at the time when UNESCO was formed and they were the Agra fort and the Ajanta caves. As years passed UNESCO discovered 30 more heritages sites in India and of these 32 sites 25 are related to culture and other 7 sites are related to the nature. The latest site which was recently discovered was the Great Himalayan National park (2014), India has many beautiful temples and carvings on these temples don't even match anywhere else in the world. Nowlet’s look at important heritage sites of India.

Agra Fort:
a) As mentioned in the introduction Agra is the first heritage site to be discovered in India by the UNESCO.In Hindi (national language of INDIA) it is called “Agra ka kila” and the fort is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in a place called Agra and it is just 2.5 kilometers away from the most famous monument Taj Mahal.

b) The fort has been at the present site for at least 11 centuries. History says that the fort was owned by Hindu Sikarwar Rajput. Sikandar lodi who is the first sultan of Delhi stayed in this fort later his son Ibrahim lodi lived here when he passed away.

c) Lbrahirn lodi was later defeated by the Mughals in the First battle of panipat.Kohinoor the most famous diamond in India was captured by the Mughals along with other treasure.

Ajanta Caves:
a) The Ajanta caves is the second site after Agra fort to be discovered by UNESCO.The caves are located in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra in India.

b) The caves consists of the 30 Buddha statues which are rock cut and these statues are dated back to the second century BCE (before common era) to the 480 or 650 CE.As said the caves have one of most beautiful carvings and paintings dated to 2nd century. These carvings were found out by archaeological survey of India and the statues depict the stories of Jataka.

c) The Ajanta caves have been a world heritage site since 1983 by the UNESCO.The caves are 100 kilometers away from another monument known as the Ellora caves.

Taj Mahal:
a) This heritage site is known as crown of palaces because the whole structure or site is built with white marble. And is situated in Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

b) History says that heritage site was constructed by the Shah Jahan who is a Mughal emperor. This heritage site was built in the regard of his wife Mumtaz mahal.

c) It’s been considered as a fine art of Muslim and a perfect master piece in India by the world and will be the best Mughal architectural site because it combines the styles of Persian.otoman,Islamic Turkish and Indian. So In order to admire and watch these beautiful heritage sites you need to come to India.

Kacie Jones is a professional content writer and blogger from UK who shares her travel experiences. Her hobbies include travelling, trekking, Tech, Health, and cooking and she is currently working on a project Bahrain visa which provides visa service to enter into Bahrain.

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Food on Indian Trains

Foreign visitors to India are often impressed by the ingenuity of locals: they are capable of evolving enterprising solutions for the problems they encounter. One example is the traditional Tiffin service in Mumbai, which helps delivering hot, homemade meals to office goers in the city without a hitch.
This tendency to evolve innovative solutions to problems has also surfaced in dealing with the poor quality of food served on Indian trains.

The solution has come up with the introduction of private companies serving stations across India. Several companies like, Mera Food have come up, which solves this pervasive problem.

These companies are platforms for ordering meals by tying up with restaurants found in places where the train stops.  Pre-ordered meals can be availed of at major stations across India. Ordering can be done using phones, by online means or using apps.

Once the order is placed, the restaurants pack and deliver meals. The bonus is the scheme of cash on delivery whereby you need to pay only after the meal has been delivered as per your satisfaction.
MeraFoodChoice is only a few months old, but is already serving hundreds of passengers across 75 stations in India whereas Travelkhana serves over 2000 trains running throughout India.

Most passengers love the fresh approach by these new services. The food is delivered hot and fresh to your seat without you having to go anywhere. Though it is a bit more expensive than railway pantry car food, yet the sheer variety of the menu compensates adequately.

From Continental to Mughlai to Chinese, the cuisine is much more varied than the standard Thali meal served by the train pantry car. Kids can be humoured by ordering various kinds of pizzas.

While travelling on long distance trains, it is better you also carry some accessories that will help make your meals more convenient and enjoyable. Some of these accessories are as follows:
  • ·         Tissues: Dry and Wet. Wet tissues are particularly useful.
  • ·         Paper plates: These are disposable making it less messy and convenient
  • ·         Spoons and forks
  • ·         Large serving spoons
  • ·         Bottles of water
  • ·         Newspapers to clean any spill-over’s.
  • ·         Plastic bags to collect waste.

The government has allowed the private companies to operate at stations throughout India. According to the proposal, a passenger can book his meal by providing his name, berth and coach number at a website for placing an order for a meal like a railway dinner.

There will be items like Pasta, Burger, Biryani, Pizza, Sandwiches, etc. to tease your taste buds. These are not available in all pantry cars. Food will be delivered at the passenger’s seat at a particular station. There is a minimum amount for order which will vary according to the site and train route.
Currently, the private companies serve food freshly cooked by tying up with local restaurants. One needs to pay only by cash on delivery. Such catering facility at stations and trains are availed of by lakhs of passengers daily, while 302 mail and express trains have pantry cars.

Author’s bio:   He is a passionate blogger and freelance article writer. His favourite topic is travel. Having travelled extensively by train across India, he has interesting tales to recount, which he writes for certain websites like
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

India’s Top 5 Roads For A Nice Long Drive Experience

India is a land of many contrasting and beautiful landscapes. This large country that borders the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea has numerous locations form beautiful beaches, scenic mountains, large forests and amazing cities, India is the ideal destination for adventure. A long drive viewing the amazing scenery of India is all that we need with our loved ones.

Dehradun to Nainital
This is a distance of about 270km. It should take you about 6 hours to drive along this magnificent road with sights to behold. Nainital is a lovely mountain destination with very scenic mountains. There are numerous lakes here. Avoid the winter months as it gets chilly and snowy, but if you are someone who would like to experience the snow and the cold weather just drive and enjoy the chill.

• Lake Nainital- you may enjoy a boat ride on this scenic lake. It is a crescent shaped lake situated between Himalayas and has most beautiful flora and fauna. You can even go fishing in here, the most common fish found is Hill Trout or Mahasir in the local language.
• Tiffin Drop- also known as Dorothy's Seat, on Ayapatta hill, about 4km from Nainital. The views are spectacular.
• Kumaon Hills in Uttarakhand offer breathtaking views.  The greenery and picturesque beauty can leave anybody mesmerized.
• Rishikesh-visit religious shrines.
• Corbett- there is wildlife to be seen here including the rare tiger.

Bangalore to Goa
This is a distance of about 700km and should be a full day's drive. The most popular route is through Hubli and Karwar though you may also take the Dharwad- Ponda route. The latter is more scenic. Don't miss these stops:
• Anshi- Dandeli Tiger reserve where you may also go white water rafting.
• Jog Falls- walk up and down the staircases and enjoy the nightly music shows.
• Gokarna- This is near Karwar and has very famous and beautiful beaches.

Manali to Ladakh and Leh
This route is also known as Bikers Paradise, and for good reason. This area is near Pakistan and China, Tibet in the Himalayan mountain Range. Enjoy mountain scenery like you haven't seen before. Sections of the road may not be very good, but the scenery will make up for it. A very adventurous route flanked by mountain on either side. Streams of melting glacier can be found in the way while traveling. The scene changes drastically when you move towards Rohtang.
Places to see:
• Camp by the river at Jispa Mountains.
•Baralancha La has very scenic views from the road.
•Monasteries and very steep hillsides.
•Khardungla pass which has the highest road in the world.
•Nubhra Valley.
• Pangong Tso Lake.

Mumbai to Goa
This is a fantastic journey combining city and country views all the way to the seaside historical area of Goa. This town has forts built by the Portuguese and is considered India's party capital. See Mumbai, India's capital of finance, a huge bustling city. Use the Expressway, a 90 km six lane highway with lovely views.
Do not miss these sights:
• Kolhapur- the road goes through the mountains and has great views.
• The stretch of road from Mandrem to Polem offers Goa sights and views of the coast.
• Beaches such as Palolem, Morjim and Colva.

Kutch to Mumbai
Explore the best of the Gujarat region of India.
Sights include:
• Harappa Civilisation ruins at Bhuj.
• Ahmadabad: the centre of culture and art in Gujarat.
• Vadodara: Visit the Lakshmi Vilas Palace.
• Coastal areas of Bordi, Dahanu.

These are just some of the roads you may want to take a drive on in India. Remember you will need a driver's license to do your own driving. This will require a practical driving test, just like anywhere else in the world.
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Friday, 9 May 2014

India Through A Foreigners Eye

India has always been one of the countries people have heard about, but have not seen. Besides, it is also one of the countries (as many others, if not all of them) that has not been seen for what it is, but for what it is not or could be. The misconceptions that have been carried out in the world for a long time because people have sometimes seen only the things that are on the surface or that have not been properly told and explained at all.
It is not easy to understand or comprehend, but there are myths about India that are far away from the truth and cannot be left alone anymore.
India in Foreigners Eyes

First steps on the Indian soil and the first things that come to mind about India for most people, are
• Slums
• Poverty and mal nutrition
• Spicy food

However, when the visitors go on the amazing journey of exploring this place, the things that await them, are completely different. It is impossible to deny that, for Europeans, it might come as a culture shock even though they have seen it on the TV.

When people are thrown in the situation, they become different and they start seeing things differently. Even though there are many people in India, the cities and towns are beautiful, the people are welcoming and generous as much as they can be.

When getting to know Indian cuisine it is better to keep an open mind because the diversity is amazing. Even if the food is spicy, it is different than Europeans have ever had in Europe. Indian food should be eaten in India for people to be able to say that they know Indian cuisine at least a little bit. All these myths become unrivalled while on a journey to know India in person.

Indian traditions are not well known to Europeans, as well. Few things that most Europeans can name are
• Taj Mahal
• Colorful clothes
• Cows

Indian women are beautiful in their colorful traditional clothing known as the sari. The clothes are different in different regions across the area. Traditional jewellery is used and it also depends on the social status and other differences.

Cows are worshipped in India, but it gives a certain meaning to respecting every life around them, it may either be in the animal form.

Visiting Ganga Ghat was an amazing spiritual experience for me it gave new meaning to salvation. India has a wide range of scenic landscape in Kashmir. The exotic jewellery of the Nawab’s can never be ignored. India has a wide range of wild life. I was thrilled to hear the Bengal Tiger roar. As I experienced the amazing Agra on an Indian morning, it made me fall in love with the shape and colour of the country even more. All the ideas I had in head while visiting India changed for the better because the amazing traditions I got to experience, showed me another India that is impossible to explain but to be experienced.

The caste system, although harder to understand, still seems fascinating and the Indian culture has always been an interest. The history of this place has been into place for thousands of years and it has also had its ups and downs as all the other places in the world.

I now see the system as part of the history. I also believe that the society has adopted many things from Europe and will do so even more, incorporating these things in their own world.

After my visit to India, for me visiting India mean
• New experience with different people
• New love for different food and cuisine
• Acceptance and open mind about the world which is different from our own.

My experience in India cannot be said and revealed in a couple of words. It has to be felt from the heart, the beauty, the tranquility, the culture and tradition.

Young people in India want to be educated and those who might not be as well situated as others, appreciate the little things much more than all the people I have met during my travels through European countries.

A foreigner, who has travelled through a company that lead tourist groups, might never be able to see the amazing and diverse India and learn to open the mind towards a new perspective of India.

I believe that any foreigner with a license to travel through India and an open mind will be able to come back as a new person with different ways in life that are learnt in the amazing India.

As you need a turkey visa to travel in Turkey, similarly you should obtain a visa to travel in India
India offers beauty, colours and diverse tradition which are not described they are seen and experienced.

Author Bio:

Amber Rosh is a passionate blogger, living in UK. She writes on behalf of turkey visa. She loves to write as a guest blogger with interest in Travel, Health, Parenting and Automotive.
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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Top 5 Airlines in India

To book a flight tickets for first time is really a nice experience for everyone. If we talk about 3 or five year ago, a middle man not think about to travel a flights or book airfare. On that time prices of the specific tickets is high and only avail by rich people. But in the current scenario there is huge completion in the travel and airlines sector and everyone offers plenty of deals and offers or flat discounts on each booking to their travellers. And now everyone book air tickets by just few mouse clicks on the web with discounted rate.

Air travel is one of easy and popular way to moving from one destination to another city or destination in few hours or minutes. In India there are number of airlines operating companies that care of regularly cargo and travelling needs to their travellers. One of the major purposes of airlines is to provide hassle free travel experience to their travellers and take care of their cargo. All the airlines organizations can be classified into a number of segments depending on the degree of services they provide. We can see in the fast 2 or 3 years Indian domestic airlines grow very falsely and the main thing behind it, it’s well managed or better customer services. All the Top Domestic Airlines in India offers great and hassle free travel experience to their traveller.
One of the major airlines in India is King Fisher Airlines, no one can forget the name of this airlines. But now KFA airlines in India stopped its operations science October 2012 because of its financial crisis. At one time KFA was one of the leading airlines in India. Before planning to visit India first question comes in moreover traveller How to get to India. Here I am adding Top Five Airlines in India.

Jet Airways ( - Jet airways is the leading domestic airline in India offering cheap domestic air fare and economical flight tickets throughout India. Established in 1st April, 1992 and started its operations in 5th May 1993. Jet Air passage can be India’s largest air travel with market place share associated with twenty-four percent. It was established within first April, 1992 and also started out businesses within 5th May perhaps, 1993. Its primary centre can be Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport, Mumbai within Maharashtra. Its income much like 2012 determine can be US$2. 6 Million And also profit has been US$ -220 mil. It's also one of several largest companies within Air travel industry with 13945 workers. It has overall 100 fleet within existing service and also requested one more 86 new fleet.
Jet Air passage offers stored its control location within India. Featuring a initial airfare within 1993, Jet Air passage offers appear a considerable ways for you to turning out to be the most effective expanding airline carriers inside world- currently prepared to alter and the choice of fly- to the superior! Hooking up twenty-four international spots and also functioning routes for you to and also coming from 51 spots within India, Jet Air passage supplies the ideal atmosphere deals.

Indigo ( - Possessed through InterGlobe Establishments, Indigo is really a price range airline which won’t divest an individual of this ‘creature comforts’. This particular flight just undertakes home travel arrangements through out Of India. It removed it is inaugural trip with 2006.
Indigo started businesses with 2006 in addition to subsequently may be regularly referred to as India's very best price range flight. The actual flight is especially timely, in addition to maintains a superior amount of customer care in addition to suitcase handling. Furthermore, it presents exceptional connectivity to be able to 30 towns around of India.
Indigo is among the speediest growing non-public flight business with Of India. It has marketplace share of more than 15 percentages in addition to graded on #6 places with Of India. This particular brand-new price range flight is actually totally owned through InterGlobe Establishments in addition to works with significant spots associated with Of India including Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore (Bengaluru) in addition to Fresh Delhi.

Air India ( - Air India is oldest airline company in India with presence in all major as well as small cities of India. They cover major, short as well as medium level destination in India and around the World.
The first major domestic airline of India, Air India started its operations in 1953 as the oldest airline company in India. Indian Airlines was renamed ‘Indian’ in December 2005, and in 2007, both Air India, the national carrier of India in the international arena and Indian Airlines were amalgamated into National Aviation Company of India Limited (NACIL). The name ‘Air India’ has been adopted for the air services.

Spice Jet ( - Spice Jet is usually a different funds air carrier firm with Asia using marketplace discuss of lower than 20 pct. That performs with key cities of Asia such as Pune, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Goa and so forth. Formerly, it turned out owned or operated by means of NRI team and not too long ago it turned out acquired by means of press master Kalanithi Maran using Rs. 750 core.
That Home Flight companies possesses an on-time effectiveness of 82. 7 %. The bottom workers and the log cabin crew are respectful and the inside in the aeroplanes are clear and well-maintained. The actual Air carrier receives 3. 5 claims per 10, 000 people.

Go Air ( – Started in June 2004 through the Wadia Collection, Get Fresh air is often a low-fare service provider. This flight currently works around of sixteen places using 120 regular travel arrangements in addition to approximately 847 regular travel arrangements. On an average that obtains 1. 8 issues every 10, 000 people.
GoAir will be the just about the most popular finances flight corporation with Asia using presence for most associated with essential places with Asia. It really is held by simply Bombay Dyeing in addition to Britania Sectors. GoAir commenced the procedures with August, 2004 seeing that reduced cost service provider.

Top Five Airlines in India according to Market Share: Here I am draw a table of top airlines in India according to the market share. This table is according to the data based on the month of November 2012. This data is provided by Ministry of Aviation. You can see on the table at the time indigo airlines is one of the leading domestic airlines in India with 27% market share.
Which are your favourite Airlines? Please comment below the box and also share your opinions related to the specific airlines in India and also outside from India.
Market Share
Air India
Spice Jet
Jet Air ways
Jet Lit

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How to Select a Reputable Dooars Wildlife Tour Operator

Summary: Dooars is a virgin wilderness which even today is much unexplored. If you want to quench your thirst for traveling, make sure you visit this magical wonderland and its untamed greenery. Get in touch with a reputable Dooars wildlife tour operator to make your dream come true. This article will offer you some guidelines to help fulfill your dream vacation.

Are you looking to escape your mundane routine and spend some quite hours in the lap of Mother Nature and invigorate your mind, body and spirit? Then, plan for a trip to the Dooars! Travelers mostly are still uninformed of the pristine beauty of this majestic wonderland in North Bengal. The richness of the vast area in the northern part of the state of West Bengal is literally unexplored to the average travel enthusiasts and that makes it all the more relevant for them to explore Dooars in her full bloom. However, owing to a limited number of tour operators who conduct wildlife tours in Dooars, it is even more difficult for tour enthusiasts to visit this region on their own. That’s where a reputable Dooars wildlife tour operator comes handy.

Wildlife Tour

Here I will discuss three steps to choosing a reputable tour operator who conducts wildlife tours in the vast expanse of the Dooars. But before going into details let me inform you about some of the best locales that you might want to visit during your trip to the virgin wilderness of the Dooars. While planning your trip make sure that it includes the following places – Jaldapara and Gorumaraas well as Chilapata jungle, Jhalong, Bhutan Ghat, and Samsing among others. Your starting point should ideally be at Malbazar or Alipurduar. Now let’s go back to the steps I mentioned before.

Online Search These days we’re all dependant on the Internet for obtaining information about anything and everything. The World Wide Web offers a vast storehouse of information on almost about anything that’s known to human knowledge. So it is obvious that you would find a number of Dooars wildlife tour operator information while searching on Google. However, I must tell you that since you would find a number of tour operator websites, you might get puzzled as to which one would be ideal for your dream tour. This is natural! I would suggest you to have a close look at their websites. Make sure you go through their websites in detail. Only a reputable tour operator would have a number of packages, custom tour package options and reviews listed on their site accompanied by a number of videos from their earlier tours. A detailed website and one that offers a good positive impression on your mind would ideally help your decide.

Compare Rates Today it has become quite a costly affair to go on a tour trip for the average citizen. The tour rates have skyrocketed and so does the cost of traveling alone. However, the wanderlust that you are, deep in your heart, you might want to spend the extra amount to quench your thirst of traveling! But, just one word of caution, make sure you spend your hard-earned money on the most trusted and reputable Dooars wildlife tour operator. One way of ensuring that is by comparing the rates of different tour packages offered by travel agencies. When you would see that a tour company is offering you a customized tour package, that is, the itineraries vary for a couple and that for a 4 or 6-8 member team, you know that the company has the infrastructure and potential to support bigger tourist groups and hence can be relied on. Moreover by comparing rates of different tour operators in Dooars, you’ll have an idea as to whether your operator is charging you way more or that you have struck a cheap deal!

Reviews and Word of Mouth Even today in this age of the Internet and mobile communication, it is our human nature to pay more attention and trust on reviews and word of mouth references. While choosing a Dooars wildlife tour operator, make sure you ask your relatives, friends and colleagues for references. If they suggest someone with a good standing, go with them, after all they’re closest to you and wouldn’t falsify any information. You can vouch on that.
Koustuv Roy is a renowned travel writer and journalist. He has traveled the length and breadth of the country exploring several unexplored tourist locations and presenting them to his audience in the form of his interesting and detailed write-ups. Here, he offers his advices on how to select a reputable Dooars wildlife tour operator.
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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Captivating Goan Beaches for Diverse Travellers

Once known as a haven for hippies seeking harmony, Goa has evolved into a top destination in India for a diverse population of international travellers. Palm and coconut trees dot the landscapes of the enchanting Goan beaches while historic structures serve to captivate and inspire. Offering breath-taking seascapes on beaches buzzing with activity, families delight in Goan holidays.

Calangute Beach is Goa’s most popular. Water aficionados flock to the beach ideal for experienced swimmers and water sport enthusiasts. Known as The Queen of Beaches, the area offers a wide range of eateries, accommodations and a plethora of amenities including a post office, Internet cafes and foreign exchange offices.

Adjacent to Calangute Beach, Baga Beach is more isolated but offers plenty of activity including water sports, dolphin cruises and fishing. Upscale restaurants serving up international cuisine are found nearby.

Beaches in India

Foodies savour the cuisine available near Palolem Beach. Local fishermen enable celebrated restaurants to serve the freshest catches of the day available in Goa. Lacking permanent structures, Palolem Beach is favoured by travellers appreciating the primitive huts lining the beach. Swimmers of moderate ability find the slower currents at the shallow northern end of the beach a great place to relish the Arabian Sea.

Goa Beaches

Panaji, Goa’s capital city, offers Miramar Beach. Boasting brilliant panoramic sunset views, this is a beach also enjoyed in the daylight by families seeking ample space for children to frolic and bask in the sun. In the evening, food carts offer a delightful sampling of local cuisine. To visit this beautiful beach click Directline where you can book cheap trips to India.

Families with older children flock to Anjuna Beach. Known for a more festive atmosphere, Anjuna affords tourists a wide range of adventure from water sports to night-time parties and bonfires. Shoppers enjoy haggling at Anjuna’s Wednesday Flea Market.

With a wide spectrum of stunning, engaging beaches, Goa invites families to celebrate the lively, diverse Indian culture in a welcoming atmosphere.
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